Content for your website - Event listings widgets.

Here you can create listings of parties/clubs/gigs/festivals or other public events you can put on your webpage.

There are Javascript versions, flash versions (for myspace pages and other places where javascript is not allowed), image versions, a Google Gadget version and data feeds in various formats such as RSS, RSS+Event, Atom and iCal)
This form will generate code you can paste into your pages to show dynamically updated events listings.

If you are logged in and choose "show only my events" in "Category", then the listing will only show events you have added. (event organisers and venues who want an easy way to set up listings for their own website might choose this option.)

You can also show general events listings for a city or area or for specific categories such as music genres.

You can customise the appearance of the listings - feel free to experiment!

If you want Myspace widgets choose the flash versions.

For a Google Gadget, choose the Google type and copy the xml link. Customize it on Google.

For other sites just copy the generated code and paste it into your page.

Please note that not every type of listing supports every option on the form but you can customise them a lot more by editing the resulting code.

for other areas or to get more local listings go to the change area page to select your area then click on the "Gadgets and Feeds" link on the left of the main page for the area go get back to this page.
The "Area" dropdown should then have areas related to your chosen area.

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here's the code:

Data Feeds also available:

Data feeds: iCal/Mozilla Calendar RSS: oneoffs weeklies all with dates with venues with description RSS+event RSS 2.0 Atom hCalendar