E17 Art Trail
Saturday 31st May 2014 - Sunday 15th June 2014
Explore artists? studios and visit flagship galleries: discover art in open-houses & unconventional spaces: encounter pop-up performances or explore your own creativity at an artist-led workshop: 2014 E17 Art Trail takes places across 16 action-packed days in Walthamstow London E17.

This year, E17 Art Trail celebrates its 10th birthday with an even bolder arts feast. The first E17 Art Trail in its new summer slot, the 2014 festival weaves together diverse programme strands under the theme of ?inhabit?. Highlights include:-
? W.E.: The Ex-Warner Project (Lucy Harrison/Katherine Green) a first survey of Warner Estate housing, looking at how the design of this distinctive 19th century terraced housing affects daily lives.
? The E17 BoB/Bus of Buildings (architectsE17/RIBA) a Routemaster takes to the streets for an entertaining, inspiring insight into the design, procurement and construction of buildings around us.
? Saskia Huning invites us into her E17 home, where she paints directly onto the walls using these as the canvas for contemporary wall paintings. Specialising in recreating and restoring historic painted decoration her designs are inspired by the places and paintings that she works on, from 17th century to the 1950?s.

2014 E17 Art Trail programme also strays into more challenging territory:-
? Ignite Night E17 (Street Gallery) a fast paced response to the DJ Roberts neon artwork 'I'M IN LOVE WITH THE MODERN WORLD'.
? Corinne Price's Do You Really Know Where You Are? is a 60 minute audio tour of Epping Forest, guaranteed to take us on a mind-bending journey until we are left disconcerted and confounded.
? A Matisse inspired paper forest installation, the 15 Day Forest flourishes at cool new caf?, 56 St Jam3es St. Andy Macgregor and Alex Cunningham will be asking caffiene-junkies to add to a paper leaf sculpture they have created.
Against an impressive backdrop of urban growth and redevelopment, with local flagship, The William Morris Gallery, Art Fund Prize Museum of the Year 2013, E17 Art Trail is undoubtedly amongst the largest open-access, visual arts festivals. 2012 E17 Art Trail presented work by more than 3500 professional, emerging and amateur artists in local residents? houses, the walls of local shops, hanging from trees, estate agents? windows, galleries, gardens, pavements and pubs. From its early ambitious beginnings in 2003, the E17 Art Trail is proud to lay claim to being at the heart of a renewed, widely-shared appreciation of the vitality of Walthamstow and its highly creative East London community.

Adrienne Angel Masterclass
Sunday 6th April 2014
Jupiters Hotel and Casino, Gold Coast QLD 4218
In a once in a lifetime opportunity, legendary voice teacher and music theatre specialist, Adrienne Angel will be conducting a 3 hour Masterclass in each city as she shares invaluable insight into her 7 Deadly Sins. Adrienne will also be joined by Bernadette Peters for an exclusive Q&A session not to be missed.

Adrienne Angel?s ability to articulate simply and clearly the principles of free efficient sound production has been equally successful with singers, actors, and dancers. They have found that her approach has enabled them to use their voices more effectively and consistently in a short period of time, whether it is to meet the demands of Broadway musicals, TV and film, or rock and roll.

Each Masterclass consists of a demonstration of vocal exercises with a male and female performer on stage with a time for audience questions. The vocal exercises are able to be recorded for future references, an invaluable resource for any vocalist. The Q&A session with Bernadette Peters and Adrienne Angel will conclude the Masterclass.

"I am so excited to be returning to Australia,? said Adrienne Angel. ?It thrills me to impart my knowledge to Australian performers and I am always keen to help in any way I can regardless of whether you are a seasoned vocal teacher, professional artist or an up and coming Broadway star."

Adrienne Angel received her musical education at North Carolina's High Point University and at the Juilliard School in New York City. As a voice teacher and musical theatre specialist, among Adrienne's past and present students are: Bernadette Peters (since 1983), Cher, Ann Reinking, Mary Tyler Moore, Christine Baranski, Kenneth Branagh, Armand Assante, Whoopi Goldberg, Jane Krakowski, Cybill Shepherd, Jason Alexander, Joel Gray, Swoosie Kurtz, Joan Jett, Sheena Easton, Bridget Fonda, and Jessica Walter.

Also appearing and participating in the master classes are some young and upcoming stars of musical theatre from across Australia, including; Alex Given, Spencer Bignell, Hilary Cole and Francine Cain.

Thu Apr 24 2014: A Call Towards Wholeness - The Self in Relationship
24th April 2014
Thu Apr 24 2014 12:00 AM: http://www.wessexresearchgroup.org/schools/findhorn.html ===== Contact Group to confirming start times ===== Workshop Event: Ana Rhodes & Javier Rodriguez


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Virtual Assistant Business Introduction Program
23rd May 2014
Salamanca Inn, 10 Gladstone St.,
Interested in a career as a self-employed Virtual Assistant? Take the First Step The Virtual Assistant Business Introduction program is a 1 day program for Executive Assistants and Administration staff and who are considering starting their own Virtual Assistant Business. On this program you will be given an overview of the Virtual Assistant Industry, be guided on how to setup up and run a successful business, learn the strategies for marketing your skills and growing your business. On the Virtual Assistant Business Introduction Program you will: Meet and learn from an established and successful VA. Learn the steps required to set up, own and operate a successful Virtual Assistant Business. Learn how to charge and market your services. Be given a compendium of templates required for running a successful VA business. We?ll help you create your own self employment success story. Lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea are provided Payment Methods If you would prefer to make payment via direct deposit rather than credit card, please contact The Exceptional Assistant using the contact organiser email address below. Please note, some financial institutions charge an overseas transaction fee to the cardholder if the processor location and/or currency differs from their home country. This is not a fee charged by Eventbrite or The Exceptional Assistant. Can't make the program but want to keep in touch? If you can't make it on the date of this particular program but are interested in finding out more about our next round of Virtual Assistant programs, contact enquiries@theexceptionalassistant.com.au . Let us know what state you live in and we'll add your details to the database. You will be kept up to date on the latest program information and events in your area.


Sun Apr 13 2014: Spiritual Painting Retreat
Sun Apr 13 2014 12:00 AM: http://www.wessexresearchgroup.org/groups/angel_divinity.html ===== Contact Group to confirming start times===== Workshop: =====

Mon Apr 21 2014: A Call Towards Wholeness - The Self in Relationship
Mon Apr 21 2014 12:00 AM: http://www.wessexresearchgroup.org/schools/findhorn.html ===== Contact Group to confirming start times ===== Workshop Event: Ana Rhodes & Javier Rodriguez

Fri Apr 11 2014: Incarnational Spirituality: The Generative Self
Fri Apr 11 2014 12:00 AM: http://www.wessexresearchgroup.org/schools/findhorn.html ===== Contact Group to confirming start times ===== Workshop Event: Freya Secrest & Mary Inglis with David Spangler via video-stream

Sun Apr 20 2014: Angel Reiki I and II
Sun Apr 20 2014 12:00 AM: http://www.wessexresearchgroup.org/groups/angel_divinity.html ===== Contact Group to confirming start times===== Workshop: =====

Sat Apr 12 2014: Spiritual Painting Retreat
Sat Apr 12 2014 10:00 AM: http://www.wessexresearchgroup.org/groups/angel_divinity.html ===== Contact Group to confirming start times===== Workshop: =====

Perfect You Live TAS
11th October 2014
Baha'i Centre of Learning, One Tasman Hwy.,
Attention All babes! I want to know if your life is one Big Giant Orgasm or if you're faking it? Are you Living your life, making your mark or just existing? Do you feel bored, stuck or lost in your life? Or maybe you just want to take your life to the next level? It is time Now to experience a new breakthrough and level in learning how to love and accept yourself completely. Introducing Perfect You Live and The 7 Steps to a Perfect You, a 2-day transformational experience to help you: *Uncover your Passions & Purpose in life and live it now! *Find out your Personality Type & why you act the way you do. *Learn how to attract your Perfect Relationship . *Create a Magnetic Presence in any social setting. *Discover your Unique Style & leave a lasting impression. Gain access to Australia's leading experts & mentors, through an exclusive Secret Facebook Group and Online Forum. Become a part of Australia's fastest growing online community of conscious like minded babes... Boom! Learn the secrets that celebrities like Miranda Kerr & Oprah Winfrey use to create success in any area of life. This is a exclusive Female Only event, limited seats available! When is Now the time to invest in yourself.... Dare to be you! Come and experience a mental and emotional life orgasm with me. "It's better than the Big O! " Do you... Dare to be You ? When : Saturday the 11th & Sunday the 12th of October 2014 Where : BahŠ?Ū Centre of Learning for Tasmania, 1 Tasman Hwy Hobart 7000 Tasmania TIME : 9am-7pm Both DAYS! Love, Cheek & Raw Realness www.MontanaSchmidt.com Montana Schmidt xoxo ( https://www.facebook.com/perfectyoulive ) ( https://www.facebook.com/PublicFigureMontanaSchmidt ) *Please be aware that there are no transferes within 7 Days of the ticket date of Perfect You Live. *Proof of printed eventbrite ticket not needed upon registraightion. Email: info@montanaschmidt.com


Sat Apr 12 2014: Mayan Calendar Workshop
Sat Apr 12 2014 10:00 AM: http://www.wessexresearchgroup.org/groups/glastonbury_stargaia.html ===== Contact Group to confirming start times ===== Workshop: Claudie Planche

Sat Apr 19 2014: A Call Towards Wholeness - The Self in Relationship
Sat Apr 19 2014 10:00 AM: http://www.wessexresearchgroup.org/schools/findhorn.html ===== Contact Group to confirming start times ===== Workshop Event: Ana Rhodes & Javier Rodriguez

Wed Apr 23 2014: A Call Towards Wholeness - The Self in Relationship
23rd April 2014
Wed Apr 23 2014 12:00 AM: http://www.wessexresearchgroup.org/schools/findhorn.html ===== Contact Group to confirming start times ===== Workshop Event: Ana Rhodes & Javier Rodriguez


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An Eye For An Eye - Amnesty International Poetry Slam
The Basement Sydney
Amnesty International & Word Trave ls join forces to present a very s pecial poetry slam. Poets are invi ted to explore the theme of ‚€˜an eye for an eye‚€™ at the legendary Basement on 10 April in response to Amnesty International NSW Legal Network‚€™s recent campaign to ra ise awareness about capital punish ment.

Every day all over the worl d, prisoners ‚€“ men, women and ev en children ‚€“ face execution. Th e death penalty is cruel, inhuman and degrading. The AIA NSW Legal N etwork is opposed to its use, ever ywhere in the world, for whatever reason ‚€“ it is never acceptable, ever. Join us to raise awareness about the prevalence of the death penalty in the Asia Pacific and th e effect it has on society as a wh ole.

The event will feature Suda nese refugee and nationally acclai med poet Abe Nouk. Abe fled the pr ospect of becoming a child soldier in his native Sudan and arrived i lliterate in Australia. He is now living in Melbourne and last year, took third place in the Australia n Poetry Slam. He will soon be rel easing his first book and was feat ured on the ABC‚€™s 7.30 Report.

The event will be hosted by Word T ravels‚€™ Creative Director, the i nimitable Miles Merrill, and featu re Zohab Khan, NSW Slam Champion 2 012. Both Miles and Zohab are seas oned performers and have delivered workshops across the country and in the justice system.

The gig is open to the public and anyone is welcome to jump up on the micropho ne. Entry is free for participants , who are invited to tackle the th eme ‚€˜an eye for an eye‚€™ with t wo minute poems. They will compete for $100 cash with random audienc e members judging on the night.

E ntry is a $10 donation to Amnesty International and all audience mem bers will receive free Amnesty sho w bags.

Book here: http://www.mos htix.com.au/v2/event/a-very-specia l-poetry-slam/70896?ref=calendar&s kin=291

http://www.facebook.com/e vents/436367039831466/

Tue Apr 8 2014: Incarnational Spirituality: The Generative Self
Tue Apr 8 2014 12:00 AM: http://www.wessexresearchgroup.org/schools/findhorn.html ===== Contact Group to confirming start times ===== Workshop Event: Freya Secrest & Mary Inglis with David Spangler via video-stream


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Performance Management Workshop
9th May 2014
Lenna of Hobart, Runnymede St, Hobart
Performance Management Workshop Are you a Small Business Owner, CEO or Manager? Is getting the best out of your team a long held dream? If you answered yes, this workshop facilitated by Michelle Swallow and Renee Anderson, is for you. Topics covered include: Principles of Managing People Setting Expectations and Management Systems Understanding You - Management vs Leadership Giving Feedback & Coaching What to do when it goes wrong


SharePoint 2010 Power End User 4-Day Course, Hobart
8th September 2014
Hobart Function and Conference Centre, One Elizabeth St.,
Duration: 4 Days Overview This course incorporates all of the modules from our SharePoint 2010 Collaboration for End Users and SharePoint 2010 Site Management for End Users classes - which are also available as individual 2-day classes - and is designed to provide attendees with all of the knowledge required in order for them to confidently create, manage and use all aspects of their SharePoint 2010 sites. Prerequisites This course is aimed at delegates that have had no previous exposure to SharePoint 2010 or delegates that are very new to SharePoint 2010. No previous experience is necessary. Module 1: Introduction to SharePoint 2010 This module highlights the uses and benefits of SharePoint 2010. Navigational components, alerts, and personalization are reviewed and demonstrated. In addition, terminology used throughout the course is defined in this module. The following topics are also covered: Overview of SharePoint 2010 Get Started Using SharePoint 2010 Search for Content Use Alerts Welcome User Links Personalise SharePoint 2010 Page Module 2: Finding Content SharePoint provides the ability to store vast amounts of content in a variety of locations. This module covers a set of tools which help users efficiently locate the information they need. The following topics are covered: Navigation Search Search Index Refinements Best Bets Module 3: List Basics Lists serve as the structure for calendars, discussion boards, contacts, and tasks in SharePoint 2010. This module explains the concept of lists, and then reviews popular out-of-the-box options. The operative differences of each option are highlighted through Instructor-led demonstrations. Students learn effective ways to use and contribute to lists. Demonstrations of filters and views highlight usability and efficiency. The following topics are also covered: How to Add and Modify Content Overview of Default Lists and List Templates Add, Modify, and Delete Content in SharePoint 2010 Lists Sort and Filter Content Advanced List Features Use Default and Custom Views Connect a List to Microsoft Outlook Module 4: Library Basics A document library is a location on a site where you can create, collect, update, and share files with other people. This module explains the benefits of using a library and teaches the student how best to work with documents in a library. The following topics are covered: Introduction to document libraries Uploading, creating and deleting documents Working with folders and document sets Working with documents in a library Working with document properties Document Management Features Using document workflows Module 5: Office Integration Features To take full advantage of many features which SharePoint 2010 has to offer, we need to understand SharePoint's relationship with other Microsoft Office applications. This module provides an essential overview of the Microsoft products which are most commonly used in conjunction with SharePoint 2010 and discusses at an overview level the advantages of each program when combined with SharePoint, including: Access 2010 Excel 2010 PowerPoint 2010 InfoPath 2010 Outlook 2010 SharePoint Designer 2010 SharePoint Workspace 2010 Module 6: Advanced Document Library Features This module covers a selection of topics which are new to SharePoint 2010 and provide facilities to help users find, organise and store content. Document IDs provide a method for referencing documents to make them easier to find and share. Document Sets enable users to group related documents in a similar way to folders but with several additional benefits. The Content Organizer is a system which can automatically route content to the correct location within SharePoint dependant on pre-set rules. The following topics are covered: Introduction to Document IDs Configuring Document IDs Introduction to Document Sets Configuring Document Sets Creating Rules Module 7: Structuring Document and Content Management Maintenance and creation of lists and libraries are one of the site owner?s primary responsibilities. Well-constructed lists and libraries save users time and frustration, which translates to an effective gain for organisations. This module covers elements such as views, columns and managed metadata which are fundamental to this construction. Versioning and other library settings which can serve to enhance a list or library are also taught in this module. The following lessons are covered: Creating lists & libraries Managing list & library properties Creating list templates Creating & managing columns Site columns Creating & managing views Managed metadata Configuring advanced list & library settings Module 8: Creating and Managing Content Types Configuration of Content Types allows Site Collection Administrators and Site Owners to group attributes such as metadata, workflows and document templates into functional components. These Content Types can be managed in a dedicated site collection so that they can be shared across the entire SharePoint farm. This functionality allows for an enhanced user experience and reduced administrative overhead. The following lessons are also covered: Introduction to content types Creating & managing site content types Content type settings Document Sets The Content Type Hub Deploying content types Module 9: Creating and Managing Workflows Workflows are a powerful efficiency tool which can be used to organise and track process driven tasks. In this course, application and customisation of these workflows is demonstrated using real world examples, as well as investigating how Visio and SharePoint Designer can be used to enhance the experience. Students are given the opportunity to build workflows and track workflow tasks. The following lessons are covered: Introduction to workflows Workflow scenarios Creating workflows Configuring workflow settings Deploying workflows Creating workflows from MS Visio 2010 Extending workflows with MS SharePoint Designer 2010 Module 10: Site Customisation Fundamentally, site collections are composed of sites, basic pages, and Web Part pages. In this module students will create each of these components to develop an enhanced understanding of each item?s function and appropriate use. The following lessons are covered: Adding Pages to your SharePoint Site Adding and Modifying Web Parts Look and Feel Settings Modifying Navigational Components Creating Site Templates Module 11: Site Creation and Deletion Fundamentally, site collections are composed of sites and different types of pages. In this module students will create each of these components to develop an enhanced understanding of each item?s function and appropriate use. The following lessons are covered: Introduction to Site Topology When to create a site and where? How to Create a new Site Deleting Sites Module 12: Collaborative Site Templates In this module students learn how to use and create workspaces. Explanation and differentiation of wikis and blogs help students understand the format and function of each type of workspace. Instructor-led demonstrations provide additional information on how to effectively use these communication tools. The following topics are also covered: Introduction to Collaborative Site Templates Document Workspaces Meeting Workspaces Blog Sites Group Work Sites Module 13: Permissions and Security Security is an important element of any site collection. This module includes Instructor-led demonstrations of default groups. Thorough coverage of the use, creation, and application of custom permission levels provide students with comprehensive knowledge about the creation and management of sites. We also focus on security management best practices. The following lessons are covered: Introduction to Security in SharePoint 2010 Permissions, Permission Levels and SharePoint Groups Manage User Access to SharePoint Site Manage SharePoint Groups and Users Breaking Permissions Inheritance within the Site SharePoint Security Best Practices Module 14: Site Administration and Settings This module provides insights into the site tools available through Site Administration. User alerts, features, regional setting options and usage reporting are among the topics covered. Coverage of these tools includes an emphasis on function and the appropriate use. The following lessons are covered: Introduction to Site Administration and Settings Manage Regional Settings Manage Site Libraries and Lists Manage User Alerts Managing RSS Usage Search and Offline Availability Manage Sites and Workspaces Workflows Workflow Settings Related Links Scope Settings Term Store Management Manage site Features Save Site as Template Reset to Site Definition Site Web Analytics Reports


April 26, 2014, 12:30 p.m. - Allison Smith: American Pre-Modern Class
26th April 2014
The Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53 Street, New York, NY 10019
Tickets are available online.

Sun Apr 20 2014: A Call Towards Wholeness - The Self in Relationship
Sun Apr 20 2014 12:00 AM: http://www.wessexresearchgroup.org/schools/findhorn.html ===== Contact Group to confirming start times ===== Workshop Event: Ana Rhodes & Javier Rodriguez


1 month ago
Swiss Ball Training - An Inexpensive Tool To Stabilize

Workshop 3 The Swiss Ball is an amazing tool if you know how to use it. It is one inexpensive piece of equipment you can use to stabilize and strengthen your body in all 3 planes of movement without the need to ...

Auckland | Wednesday, 2 April 2014 - Saturday, 5 April 2014


TePe - LM Seminar Tour Hobart
25th May 2014
Hotel Grand Chancellor, One Davey St.,
Invitation open to Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, Practice Managers, Hygienists & Therapists Presenters: Ms Maria Odeen - Hygienist & Oral Health Educator, Malmo (Sweden) Dr Hans Ravik - BDSc, Head of R&D TrollDental (Australia) This Seminar will educate on Oral hygiene and the link to systemic health plus the benefits of instrument ergonomics. 5.30pm - 6.00pm Registration & welcome drink 6.00pm - 7.30pm Presentation followed by Q&A 7.30pm - 8.30pm Refreshments (drinks & canapes) Limited spaces available - Bookings Essential call 1800 064 645 for queries or trolldental.com /au Attendees will also receive 1.5 CPD points, a TePe Gift Bag, LM Instrument, Clinical Manual, & Exclusive Offers


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