El Tigre - My own laws (Uplifting Techno release)


At the end of November 2016, El Tigre sits at his studio in Maybaucher, Berlin, Germany. Maybachufer is a street in front of the canal of Landwehr, this small river divides the famous district of Kreuzberg with Neukolln, within the zone of Neukolln is where this release was born. Recently, the independent label Nomad Wave has focused a lot in the release of Techno music, with this single it reaffirms its supremacy, creativity and powerful sound for the dance floor.

The most popular scene in Berlin is the Underground Techno. A dark techno, with no strong emotions and repetitive sound. The release "My own laws" is completely opposite to this. This is the first release of the year from Nomad Wave, so it seems to be a great time to focus on this label based in Berlin. Nomad Wave leaves us with some curiosity, anxiety and waiting for its next releases.

Single : My own laws
Artist : El Tigre
Label : Nomad Wave
Genre : Uplifting Techno

tracks :

1 - El Tigre - Viva la vida !

2 - My own laws

The radio edition of these tunes are available for free on the Website of Nomad Wave in Free section !!

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