CA048A: Aeriae: Peril Triage

Aeriae continues to carve out his unique space in modern electronic music production with Peril Triage, the new 7-track EP out now on Clan Analogue. A hyperkinetic evocation of psychological response, Peril Triage emerged following Aeriae's touring to support his enigmatic 2014 album release Victris.

Honing the Aeriae controllerism setup through live performance enabled heightened levels of instinct and drama during the atypically rapid (for Aeriae) composition and production process for Peril Triage.... Read More...

Bassnectar: REFLECTIVE

Presenting the next Bassnectar EP from Amorphous Music.

Featuring collaborations with Gnar Gnar, Born I Music, Mimi Page, Macntaj, G Jones, and Dorfex Bos.

Two tracks are available now, full release June 16.


...

DORKBOT SUPPORTS: Creativity & Cognition Studios: Hacking the Stage feat. Elke Utermhlen and Martin Slawig (blackhole-fac

Augmenting the Senses – Artists Talk Dorkbot Sydney and Creativity and Cognition Studios present a special event of artist presentations featuring visiting audiovisual media artists Elke Utermhlen and Martin Slawig (blackhole-factory) from Germany, Chris Bowman, Sydney and Linda Walsh. Friday … Continue reading →... Read More...

Dark Habits Set List 15th Dec

On paper, it's eclectic and a lil wrong looking.
but it worked, it really worked. this was one of the absolute best music nights i've been to in a long time.

Dj Yenks & Lektah
The Killers - Somebody Told Me (remix)
Slide - We Love It
Bowie & Queen - Under Pressure (remix)
Simon Paul - Oil, Lube & Filter
Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To (remix)
Nitro - Violence

Dj Diphallic Terata
Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
VNV - Chrome
Stromkern - Re-Align (Echo Virus Mix)
Silverchair - Freak (Remix for Rejects)
Laibach...

Transfusion 5 - Saturday 18th

Time to play doctors and nurses again!!!

Pull out those scrubs, nurses outfits, patient robes (or for those lacking in outfits, just wear black).

As always, dj's all night with a performance titled "No Glove, No Love".

Transfusion 5 -Inflation Night club - Geddes Lane entry - 60 King St Melbourne.
$25 at the door or $15 with a dark pass or by either sms'ing the number below or emailling.
Doors open at 11pm until whenever.
Email info @ darkevents.net or SMS 0416 301 260

And don't forget - next month - C...

Heresy Reunion Set List


Christian Death - This is Heresy
NIN - Terrible Lie
Rammstein - Rammstein
Manson - Antichrist Superstar
KMFDM - Juke Joint Jezebel
Funker Vogt - No Tomorrow
VNV - Honour 2003

Poison Dwarf
Combichrist - Joy to the World
Robo C - Hardcore Salsa
DJ Poison Dwarf Mix Cocaine
Tactical Sekt - Xfixiation (Hellfire Mix)
VNV - Legion
Psyche - Sanctuary (ext mix)
Switchblade Symphony - Sweet (APB mix)
Front242 - DSMO (VNV Mix)

Accessory - War of Emotions (Feindflug...

CORRUPTION May 20th - Everyone has their price...

So... you think you're above corruption? Come find out at the latest Dark Event on May 20.

Dress ups: Think seedy underworld, blackspolitation, pimps, whores, hustlers, rentboys, dealers, thugs or just wear what fell of the back of a truck. And of course goth is acceptable.
Performances: Show on at 1am
Music: Dark dirty electro, industrial dance and anything else you can bribe our dj's to play.

DJ's: Dr. D, Dissolved Pet, Al Ghul, Rezo and special guest Max Trauma.

Entry Bribes: $15 at door, $10 with da...


Tonight at Hellfire, The Cyberball Crew will be upstairs selling $25 tickets to Hellfire.

These are exculsively for Hellfire patrons - so please, come along, check out one of Sydney's best kinky nights out - and grab your tickets to what will be an amazing night of fetish, kink, bondage and dirty filthy sexy electro.

Cyberball - Friday, June 2 - Rogue's Nightclub
with dj's performers Lanny K (Hellfire), Brother Pierce (Pharmacy, Vortex vs. Psychonaut - Melbourne), Venus (Horror, Kontrol), Etienne (Bloodl... Read More...

DARK UTOPIA - June 17 - Playing live: SNOG & SKELETON SOUP!!!

X-posted dark_events, melbournegoths, melbournemaniac....

DORKBOT SUPPORTS : DESIGN LAB: Digital Creative Practice Talks : DANIEL JONES : MONDAY February 16

Daniel Jonesis an artist and software engineer whose work explores newways in which sound and technology can illuminate our understanding ofthe world, producing large-scale sculptural sound installations andsystems that translate patterns and processes into musical forms. Daniel will discuss two … Continue reading →... Read More...

Geisha 2 - Saturday 15th

A night of shocking asia...

Got a kimono floating around? Maybe Ninja garb?
Throw it on and come to Geisha 2 this saturday night.

Dj's Doctor D, Dissolved Pet, Matador will be joined by special guest Etienne (syd) playing the best dark dance, electro and much more.

Two shows - Samurai Homecoming and Cultural Haven on stage for your pleasure.

Come satisfy your cravings for a night of asian with us.

Dress: Geisha, EGL, Ninja, Samurai, Maiko, Cosplay, Harijuku, Fetish (or just wear black).
When: Saturday ...

Dark Habits, Thursday 15th. Cocktails, Escapees, Newbees, & Freebies.

Well, things are beginning to get moving. You know, that whole plans coming to fruition thing *rubs hands together and etc etc*

As a special, slightly early Christmas present, Dark Habits will be free entry this week.
That is right: FREE ENTRY! :D
Come hear Diphallic Terata (you cant escape this name Matt! Unless you go for DJ Long Piece o' Wood :p ) performs his first hour set. Plus DJ Haemonculous makes a guest appearance from Whit3 Nois3. And I'll play around at the end :)

Performance by Escape Boy, ...


WHAT: People doing strange things with electricity WHEN: Thursday, 26th of May, 6-7pm WHERE: UNSW Art & Design (formally COFA), room D205 COST: Free! Dorkbot Sydney is proud to be hosting a special talk by the Perth based artist and … Continue reading →... Read More...


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DORKBOT SUPPORTS: DESIGN LAB: Digital Creative Practice Talks"Anthony Rowe (Squidsoup, UK)

When: Monday, March 2 @ 17:30 – 19:00 Where: ALT2 (Architecture Lecture Theatre 2), Wilkinson Building (G04) 148 City Road, Darlington, 2006 RSVP: Here Squidsoup is an international group of artists, researchers and designers (UK/NO/NZ) working with digital and interactive … Continue reading →... Read More...

Assembly 2 - A night of school fetish - January 21st - THIS SATURDAY!

Assembly 2 has been called and all students will be expected to be present. Princpal Sparkle Magic will be calling up naughty students to face their punishment and Puppy Love will show us what goes on behind those portables while the teachers aren't looking!!!

Come dressed as a naughty school girl/boy, a teacher, the janitor, lunch ladies, principles, geeks, jocks.... or however you want... just be there.

Where? Inflation nightclub - Geddes Lane entry
When? Saturday 21st January, from 11pm til late
Cost? ...


WHAT: People doing strange things with electricity WHEN: Thursday 29th May, 6-8pm WHERE: College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Cnr of Oxford St and Greens Rd Paddington, Main Lecture Theatre " EG02 (campus map here!) PRESENTERS Andreas Siagian (Indonesia): LifePatch Andreas … Continue reading →... Read More...

DORKBOT SYD : JUNE 2014 : Projection Projects

WHAT:People doing strange things with electricity WHEN: Thursday 26th June, 6-8pm WHERE:College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Cnr of Oxford St and Greens RdPaddington, Outdoor Courtyard, between Block D and Block F(campus map here!) This month is a special outdoor (weather … Continue reading →... Read More...

DORKBOT SYD : JULY 2014 : Lovid, Systhesisers and Ceramics / Semaphore and Kinect / Megaphones

WHAT:People doing strange things with electricity WHEN: MONDAY 28th July, 6-8pm WHERE:College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Cnr of Oxford St and Greens RdPaddington, Outdoor Courtyard, between Block D and Block F(campus map here!) LOVID LoVid is the NY based interdisciplinary … Continue reading →... Read More...

Alexis Wright in conversation with Chris Dite - Mon 27 Nov 2017 at 6:00pm

Mon 27 Nov 2017 at 6:00pm
MPavilion, Queen Victoria Gardens, St Kilda Road
Join Alexis Wright, award-winning author of Carpentaria and The Swan Book, in conversation with Readings bookseller Chris Dite to speak about her new book Tracker to be launched by Indigenous activist Jacqui Katona.
Tracker is a collective memoir of the charismatic Aboriginal leader, political thinker and entrepreneur Tracker Tilmouth, who died in Darwin in 2015 at the age of 62. The book is as much a testament to the powerful role ... Read More...