Where can I post my info on spraci?

That depends what kind of info it is.

Events (such as parties, festivals, club nights, etc) go in the events listings ("add event")

Website links for artists, djs, organisations, venues, services, record shops, etc go in the directory, ("add link")

Feature articles, press releases, competitions or calls for submissions go in the news section - ("add article")
Record Reviews or announcement of new record/music releases go in "record reviews and new releases"

Other types of posts, announcements, etc go in the Message Boards.

Of course on the message boards you can post pretty much anything as long as long as its ok by spraci's terms & conditions of use
(ie - it's not spam, slanderous, illegal, racist, sexist or promoting violence), however any events should go in the events listings even if you you also post about them on a message board.

Events and News have strict rules - (items that are not events are not allowed in the events listings and any articles posted in the news section should be either properly written feature articles or press releases or important announcents that are clearly of interest to the spraci community.) and for eny articles abut upcoming events the events must be first be added to the events listings.

If you just want to add a link to a website you should use "add link"
I'm always way behind in checking new link submissions so make sure you enter the details correctly ... ie the title must be the name of the organisation, service, venue, artist, dj, whatever not a description - put descriptions in the description field - and make sure the website being linked is working, the url is correct, and its quick and easy to check (to work out the categories and areas) - "coming soon" pages or pages that don't load will not be added to the directory. - also make sure you choose the correct area and categories (if its quick and easy to verify that they are correct it will get added much quicker than sites with incorrect info or info that can't be quickly verified!)

If you have any questions you would like to see in here please contact us



To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
Its easy!