Why do I see so many spam posts in the usenet groups?

They are there because the idiots and scum that are spammers all over the world post them to the many servers around the world that make up usenet.

There is little we can do about spam that was not posted here except try to block some of the worst offenders.

Of course any spraci user found spamming will have their account terminated immediately.

Any complaints received here about usenet spam posted by any spraci user WILL be acted apon. We will not hestitate to report a serious case of spamming to their ISP or relevant authorities so spammers be warned! (and newbies take note those "make money fast"/"send $6 and add your name to the list" things ARE scams, ARE illegal, and ARE considered spam and posting them will not bring you any money but will instead bring you a lot of mail from annoyed people and may even result in your ISP cutting off your internet connection)

Also - Please make sure you read the relevant faq for the newsgroup before posting (and some of the discussion on there to get an idea of what is acceptable to post on a given newsgroup.

Usenet spam thresholds and guidelines

If you have any questions you would like to see in here please contact us



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