Why is my already showing for this week when it starts in two weeks?

The "weekly" event type will always appear as being on "this coming [weekday]" because for this type of listing
the date is automatically moved forward a week each week.

Please don't use the "weekly" event type unless it is actually on EVERY week. (including this week!)

If its not on every week you need to to create a listing for each date (and only on the dates its actually on!)

If your weekly event hasn't started yet you need to add the first night as a "one off" or use the "other recurring" type to generate a seperate listing for each date.

With the "other recurring" type you need to be careful to choose the correct dates and make sure the details are correct for each date
- you can edit such listings the same way as one-offs) - that type is for events such as those on every two weeks
(or those which happen a couple of times a month at the same venue with similar details
- but you need to make sure anything that is different is mentioned on the relavant listings
and that the date of each night is correct!

Of course once you added the dates then to make changes use the edit function to edit each one seperately

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To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
Its easy!