I organise lots of events. Is there a way to add them without needing to fill out the add event forms for every event?

Yes - but only if it can be automated!

If you already have your events in a database online (eg for your own website) and can create a parsable feed page (as in xml, rss or even consistantly formatted html with inportant fields such as dates, event names, venues, cities, etc in formats that a script can easily parse) then you can contact us to set up a script to regularly fetch data from it.

However this will only work if the format is consistant (all listings are in the same format) and the dates are not ambiguous.

eg - a full date including the year -
Avoid internationally ambiguous formats like dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yy - use a format like "May 12th 2004" or "Saturday 3rd April 2004, or "2004-04-03".

If the events are at different venues or in different cities or have different categories or music styles please include fields for those that are easily parsed by the script. (use common full names for music styles, cities, states. countries, etc).

The preferred formats are RSS+Events
(similar to )
or other similar xml formats with the required fields seperate or webcal/ical (used by Apple's iCal and Mozilla Calendar).

If you wish to use formatted html
(in the case you want the feed page to be the same page where your own events are listed on your website)
make sure the events are shown in a way that a script can easily distinguish individual events and the required data fields are easily distringuished by a script. You can do this by embedding hidden xml tags in your html to make data fields or by adding extra parameters to html tags (if you are using css with class="" paramaters you can also use this to distinguish fields - as long as its consistant)

Once you have set up your feed page let us know about it and we'll try to set up a script for you.

Of course this is only for people who wish to submit lots of events regularly
(such as club venues or tour promoters).

If you are only occassionally adding an event you are still better off using the "add events" forms!

If you have any questions you would like to see in here please contact us



To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
Its easy!