looking for underage events

When promoters add an event they can choose to tick a box if its under 18's or all ages (then it would appear in the "under age" category) ... but some of them don't... and some promoters tick it even when its not... so don't rely on the the categories to be 100% accurate. (they are only a guide)

Some of the forms used on custom/syndicated listings don't have the category checkboxes - instead using keywords in the text to generate categories - (eg if the text contains "under 18s", "underage" or "all ages". This is a new method being testing to see if it may on average be more accurate than relying on people to tick the correct categories - but in the case of under 18s events its probably won't help as many of the promoters don't even put it in the text).

Events entered by moderators also might have less info but that often can't be helped either as the moderator would have entered whatever info was provided by the promoter.

In most cases -
if its at a licenced bar or nightclub (where alcholic drinks are served) it will only admit people over the legal drinking age. (unless they specifically say its "all ages" or "under 18s" if they forgot to select the categories a clue might be the opening hours of the event - most under 18s events finish early in the night.

Outdoor events are often all ages if no alcohol is served - or in the case of some large events/festivals/concerts they might sometimes still be all ages except for an over 18s area where the bar is located.

If in doubt contact the promoter and ask them.

Promoters please take note - choose the categories carefully!

If you have any questions you would like to see in here please contact us



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