How do I create my own message board?

log in, go to "webmaster services" (the link should be on the left just after you log in - ) - then click on "MESSAGE BOARDS for your Website". Click on "CREATE NEW BOARD" and you should see a form for designing your board.

Enter your desired header/footer/settings (or leave the defaults and edit them later) - then click the "Add" button to create it.

Next time you go to your Boards admin page you will see your new board listed with Edit/Delete buttons next to it so you can edit your board design at any time.

The "MESSAGES" link next to each board on your boards admin page goes to an admin page for board moderation where you can view/edit/delete each message on the board

Customizing the look of your new board - the board design edit form

Header: The html to display at the top of the page
-title- is replaced automatically by the board title (if you have entered one)

Footer: The html for the bottom of your board design.

You can use your own html for the header and footer and can include CSS, Javascript, etc
This way the options for how your board could be made to look are limitless

There are also fields for setting colours/fonts/etc of various table rows/cells in the board and also fields for setting the actual text displayed by the board to prompt the user (eg the titles of the message form fields, the names of links within the board, etc - if you want a board in a different language you would probably change these)

There is also a select menu for various board index styles (the default is set to "By Topics / Topic Date")
By Topics / Topic Date: newest topic at the top. (the title of the first message in the topic is displayed).
By Topics / Last Post: Topic containing the most recent post at the top. (when someone adds a new message to a topic, that topic then moves to the top). By Date: All messages displayed on index (no topics), newest message at the top.

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