Terms of Use

You can use SPRACI feeds, custom listings, or other syndication methods provided by SPRACI to display listings of events on your website or application.

Such use is free as long as:

1. Your rate of requests is reasonable so as not to put excessive load on our servers. (please use caching if your site or application is very busy)

2. you do not modify the data to deliberately mislead people about any product or service.

3. You do not use the data on any page that is promoting scams, spam or malware.

4. there is some kind of attribution. (nothing fancy needed - keeping the links back to pages on spraci or mentioning us somewhere will suffice).

5. "Buy Tickets" links, links to the author or source of the listing in the listings or feeds are allowed to be displayed as intended. (SPRACI listings contain data from a variety of sources and to be fair to the user or source their links should not be removed. If someone if helping SPRACI and your site/service/application out by providing data it is only fair that their links be displayed).

6. We require that any event data submitted to events listings in SPRACI must be public events and the data must be free from any copyright restrictions that may affect its use on SPRACI or other websites. (it must be suitable for public distribution)

7. when you submit data to spraci you must abide by the SPRACI Website terms and conditions of use. (the usual rules of good behaviour apply: no spamming or illegal stuff, no deliberately misleading people, no impersonating other users, etc). If abuse (such as someone posting spam) is found to be the result of actions of a user of your application or service you should be prepared to take appropriate action to block them.

- also -

Links/forms labeled as to be for adding new events to listings derived from SPRACI data should either submit the new event data to SPRACI or should somehow allow for syndication of the new event submissions to SPRACI (via data feeds, API methods, etc) -- - (this means: please do not label a form as submitting to SPRACI if it doesnt!)

For types of data syndication other than the methods or formats currently provided feel fee to contact us.

If you have any questions you would like to see in here please contact us



To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
Its easy!