Events RSS Feeds

     simple php example using Magpie RSS

To get events listings in RSS you can use a standard HTTP GET with urls in the following forms:

RSS 1.0[areakeyword]&category=[categorykeyword]&showdescriptions=[1orblank]&oneoffonly=[1orblank]&weeklyonly=[1orblank]&withdates=[1orblank]

RSS 2.0[areakeyword]&category=[categorykeyword]&showdescriptions=[1orblank]&oneoffonly=[1orblank]&weeklyonly=[1orblank]

This is an extended version of RSS for calendars and has seperate fields for the event dates[areakeyword]&category=[categorykeyword]&showdescriptions=[1orblank]&oneoffonly=[1orblank]&weeklyonly=[1orblank]


[areakeyword] is the SPRACI keyword for the city/state/country. (you can find this from looking at urls within the SPRACI website.
It is normally something like the name of the area with a prefix (x0, x1 or x2) in front of it. (different cities with the same names can be distinguished because they will have a different prefix)

[categorykeyword] is a keyword for the category (type of event or genre of music). This is usually something like a common name used to describe the type of event or music genre prefixed by 'x0'.

[1orblank] - use a '1' to turn this function on or leave it blank (or omit the parameter).
"showdescriptions" - if this is a '1' it will send a short description with each listing.
"withdates" - if this option is available you can choose whether the date of the event is in the description. "oneoffonly" - Show only events listed as "one-off" events (not weeklies)
"weeklyonly" - Show only events listed as weekly events

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To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
Its easy!