list area ids
If you pass it an area it will return a list of areas within that area.

area (Integer or Keyword, Optional)
The area id of an area/city/state/country
You can also pass it the The SPRACI keyword for an area/city/state/country

Example Query:

Example Response:
<rsp stat="ok" version="1.0">
<area id="68" name="Alabama" key='x1alabama' code="x1alabama" parent="x0usa" timezone="-5" tzid="America/Indiana/Knox" lat="32.556" lon="-86.665" />
<area id="69" name="Alaska" key='x1alaska' code="x1alaska" parent="x0usa" timezone="-8" tzid="America/Anchorage" lat="61.8759" lon="-140.83" />
<area id="70" name="Arizona" key='x1arizona' code="x1arizona" parent="x0usa" timezone="-7" tzid="America/Phoenix" lat="33.449" lon="-112.28" />
<area id="71" name="Arkansas" key='x1arkansas' code="x1arkansas" parent="x0usa" timezone="-5" tzid="US/Central" lat="34.7468" lon="-92.289" />
<area id="72" name="California" key='x1california' code="x1california" parent="x0usa" timezone="-7" tzid="America/Los_Angeles" lat="35.2386" lon="-119.04" />
<area id="73" name="Colorado" key='x1colorado' code="x1colorado" parent="x0usa" timezone="-6" tzid="America/Denver" lat="38.5997" lon="-105.6" />
<area id="74" name="Connecticut" key='x1connecticut' code="x1connecticut" parent="x0usa" timezone="-4" tzid="US/Eastern" lat="39.5036" lon="-105.18" />

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