Event listings pages and event pages on SPRACI are marked up with hCalendar.

Event pages also contain hCard and geo markup.

hCalendar is a good way to provide machine-readable event data in an ordinary web page by marking up various items in the page with semantic class names. This means that the page can itself function as a data feed for applications that can read hCalendar.
The actual class names are mostly based on the iCal property names in lower case, but hCalendar has the advantage of being able to include other microformats inside properties to mark up extra information (such as using hCard and geo inside "location" for venue information)

For more info on hCalendar:
hCalendar (Microformats Wiki)
hCalendar (Wikipedia)

To see and use this data in your browser here on spraci and many other websites, install the Operator Firefox Plugin.

hCalendar can be used anywhere where html is used and can be used inside description in RSS feeds or even in an html formatted email.

hCalendar is a valid (and recommended) format for
event data feeds submitted to spraci

RSS/Atom feeds containing hCalendar markup and web pages containing hCalendar can both be used for this provided that the event dates (dtstart), names (summary) and cities (hcard/geo inside location) are present and machine readable.
It is recommended to use both hCard and geo inside "location" in each event for best results
(place names can sometimes be ambiguous and reverse geocoding can sometimes get it wrong near borders).
SPRACI will check both when trying to work out what city to use for an event. (if you don't provide this extra data, spraci will try to determine the city from the text in the location (by looking for known place names) and if this is ambiguous or missing the event might end up in the wrong city or not appear at all!). For best results with place names make sure you specify the suburb/town (locality), state/province (region) and country.

It is also recommended that you include a description and some categories as tags (see rel-tag on the microformats wiki).

Data Feeds - Timezones - please note:
Please use the local timezone of the city/area of the event or floating dates (which will be assumed to be the local time of the area). The use of timezones other than that of the location of the event can lead to the dates being wrong!
Do NOT use 'Z' - that is meant to be UTC (Zulu time) but is so often misused that data using it usually has to be discarded.
Just use the local time of the event location (or do not specify it and it will be assumed to be the local time)

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To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
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