Feed Aggregator

SPRACI has a Feed Aggregator which can accept RSS, Atom and iCal feeds.

Headlines collected by the aggregator appear with their links in some sections of spraci which can show syndicated content.

If the feed contains event listings and proper date fields (such as those used by rss+event or ical formats)
or contains items containing event information marked up as hcalendar microformat and also containing (or having associated with it) area/city information, SPRACI will attempt to extract this information for inclusion in the events listings as well as adding it to the current syndicated news sections.
It also recognises a number of common methods for designating categories (so please use them in your feeds if you can). If no categories are provided it will attempt to auto-categorize the items (please note that such auto-categorization will often get it wrong due to the often ambiguous usage of words in freeform text and of course it can't extract stuff that is not there in the first place!) So if you want an item to appear in a section for a specific genre or tag make sure you include it in your categories (or if you can't do that at least use the common name for it in the text)

If you have selected a local city/state/country/area in SPRACI you can see local feeds.

To add your feed GO HERE

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To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
Its easy!