I added my info/link to the directory. Why has it not yet appeared on SPRACI?

New directory additions need to be checked manually.

Only about 30% of submissions we get are valid! - the rest are either dead or incorrect links or don't contain the required information.

Directory submissions without a link or public contact details are rejected.

(The email address in the "email" field is not published and therefore not considered public info - What would be the use of a directory listing with only the name and no information?)

We are always well behind in checking new directory submissions so be patient - new submissions may take a week or so to be checked.

There are several things you can do to help speed this process up.

1. make sure that your links are correct and that the information required to verify your area/category selections can be easily found (sites that take too long to load or for which its to hard to work out if the categories are correect often get put off to be checked on a later date and might end up being forgotton)

2. Do not submit event listings or links that will expire to the directory section (who is going to tell us to remove the link after your event?)
use "add event" for events.
If you organise events you can add your link to the "organisations and event promoters" category but it should be in the name of your organisation, not the event (repeat - use the "add event" forms to list events!)

3. use FULL urls (yes - include the http://)

4. NEVER put descriptions in the title field.
This field is only for the name of the artist/dj/organsisation/whatever.
(use the description field for descriptions!)

5. DON'T USE ALL CAPS! (not acceptable in titles)

6. if your page has a large flash intro make sure it can be skipped so that the site can be checked quickly. (the skip link should be OUTSIDE the flash intro - its of no use if we still have to wait for a huge intro to load!) - or (better idea) just don't use intro pages at all (they are annoying!)

7. Volunteer to help us!

If you have any questions you would like to see in here please contact us



To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
Its easy!