King of Cuba a new comedy at Central Works

Thursday 19th July 2018

Venue: Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley 94704, United States

Tickets: General Admission: USD 38.00, Student Senior: USD 22.00.

Time: 8pm - 6:30pm

Post-show talk-backs on Sun, July 22 & Aug 12.
The Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.
Thurs, Fri & Sat at 8 pm, Sun at 5 pm.
Ticket prices: $22-$38 online at

The comic adventure King of Cuba, by award-winning writer Cristina García is developed in the Central Works Writers Workshop featuring the lesbian-gender-bending comedian Marga Gomez ("She's like a lesbian Lenny Bruce,"-Robin Williams), and the Grammy-winning "bongocero" Carlos Caro. All are Cubanx celebrities living in the Bay Area.

The first theatrical production of Cristina García. With García's novel as its inspiration, her play intertwines the stories of two combative octogenarian Cubans: the vainglorious Cuban dictator, "El Comandante," who struggles to maintain a tenuous grip on power, and the irascible exile, Goyo Herrera, who seethes in Miami, hell-bent on sending El Comandante to his grave. Both wrestle with loves lost, people wronged, the frailties of old age, and the legacies they'll soon enough be leaving behind.

García developed this stage adaptation of her novel in the Central Works Writers Workshop. Marga Gomez is transcending her usual solo-comic boundaries to portray El Comandante, a gender-bending, satirical homage to Fidel Castro. Throughout the play, the virtuoso drumming of Carlos Caro becomes the character of Cuba itself, weaving through the tumultuous action and binding the characters together. The production features six Latinx actors in a myriad of roles, guided by Gary Graves direction. Ms. García remarks, "The idea for King Of Cuba emerged from years of thinking about Cuba. Half my family left the island and its new revolution when I was three years old; the other half remained by choice. My maternal grandmother, in particular, was a vocal supporter of Fidel Castro, while her own daughter (my mother) was an equally passionate opponent. It is this deep, decades-long rift-with its seemingly insoluble problems, bad blood and endless propaganda-that has dominated the Cuban cultural and political landscape for the last sixty years. This is my attempt to wrestle with the intransigencies on both sides of this political divide."

End Date: August 12, 2018.

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Artists / Speakers: Marga Gomez, Comedian, Cristina García Author/Playwright, Carlos Caro Grammy-winning "bongocero".


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