Gender Diversity: What, Who, How

Sunday 17th June 2018

A one-day conference exploring the ideas, the research and the experiences associated with gender diversity and gender non-conformity.

Venue: Queensland Art Gallery, Stanley Pl Stanley Place, South Brisbane, 4101, Australia

Tickets: Standard: AUD 20.0

Time: 10:30am - 3:30pm

With the same-sex marriage debate resolved in Australia, the next flashpoint may be the phenomenon of transgender people asserting their personal and civil rights. Is gender diversity a case of social engineering, or is it a fact of life with important social justice dimensions?

Prominent transgender Australians now regularly appear in the media, and controversy on this issue - especially about gender-diverse youth and education - is a common feature of media and social media commentary.

It’s time, therefore, for a solid understanding of the terms and concepts involved in the topic of gender diversity. It’s also time to gain an insight into the experiences of gender-non-conforming people, and to have an opportunity to appreciate the issues from the ’inside’.

This one-day conference will address the facts, the research and the experiences associated with gender diversity and investigate what this might mean in terms of human identity and how we understand and develop flourishing lives and relationships for us all.


Category: Lifestyle | Culture

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