DSP x Monos pres. Into the Void

Saturday, 28th April 2018

Venue: The Bridge Hotel, 119 Victoria Road, Rozelle

Deep Seahorse Podcast & MONOS presents
>>>Into the Void<<<
Journey Into the Void as Deep Seahorse and MONOS come together once again to cross over the bridge into the unknown and delve into ethereal dimensions as yet pioneered.

Let us all become explorers, journeying into parallel universes of profound magical frequencies.

The first realm of exploration and the beginning of the journey is the Forbidden Forest.
Here you will find shamans and mystics both condemned and revered, performing their unique rituals of sound to lull you into higher states.

Transcending the first realm with the shamansâ blessings you will be granted access to The Plains of Purple.
This realm is much vaster and you will be immersed in frequencies of great intensity and raw energy.
Closer to the edge of the universe, this realm has a much stronger aura and is flooded with the powers of highest light energy in the visible spectrum.

Once your state of being has been enlightened, you will be able to accept what the conscious mind is unable to comprehend; THE VOID! Here we observe the connective power that the universal ether utilises to bind all of existence into a comprehensible state â" fine-tuned for the beings of mortal realms.

Acid Safari / Stable Records - https://soundcloud.com/acidsafari
Dave Stuart / Something Else - https://soundcloud.com/dave-stuart
Pepperpot / Hello - https://soundcloud.com/pepperpot
Pink Language / Nein Records - https://soundcloud.com/pinklanguage
Yokobus / Conspiracy - https://soundcloud.com/yokobus
dom andra / Deep Seahorse Podcast - https://soundcloud.com/lordjohnulfalexander - https://soundcloud.com/jimmybrus
Les Incomptents - https://soundcloud.com/louis-coste
Ben Booth - https://soundcloud.com/benthedjbooth
SPACIE - https://soundcloud.com/spacie
Brosnan Perera / MONOS - https://soundcloud.com/brosnanperera
Kazi - https://soundcloud.com/kaaazi
LMK / Norti Vikings
Barry Kitts / Motif - https://soundcloud.com/barry-kitts
Jess Ferreira
Elliot Southam - https://soundcloud.com/ellsondeep
Steve Frawley - https://soundcloud.com/steve-frawley
10pm -12pm
15 hours of fiesta!
Discount tickets online, link to resident advisor above
$35 at the door/ $20 after 6am
No entry between 3am - 6am

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