Australian Alternative Music Scene Nightclub VAMP

Saturday 10th June 2017

Alternative Music Club Night DJs mix music styles like Post Punk, New Wave, Electro, Industrial, Darkwave, Electronica, Gothic, Indie, Indietronica, Glam & Art Rock, Cyber-Synth-Pop-Punk, Aggrotech, Electronic Body Music (EBM), dark EDM & so on.

DJs: Robot Citizen, Lady K & special guest: Wolfangst

Venue: LOBROW, 181 City Walk, Civic, Canberra City ACT Australia

Time: 7pm - 0:30am

Visuals: Robot Citizen

Lighting: Robot Citizen

VAMP is a club night in Canberra Australia. The June 2017 episode features
DJs Lady K + Robot Citizen plus special guest Wolfangst. They'll be playing a mix of tracks from genres like:
(Post-)Punk, New Wave, Electronica, Darkwave, Indie Pop, Industrial, Gothic, Art Rock, Britpop, Electro-Synth-Pop-Punk, New Romantic, EBM, NDH, NDW, No-Wave, Ska, Grunge, Groove Metal & David Bowie tunes.

The club is held at the Lobrow Gallery & Bar in Civic, Canberra city.

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A list of the hundreds of previous nightclubs for the Australian Gothic Scene (co-)organised by and/or featuring Alternative Music DJ Robot Citizen; history of events in cities of Australia such as Canberra (ACT), Sydney (NSW), Perth (WA) & Melbourne (VIC).

Some of the other music activities of DJ Citizen are:
~ Blatant Propaganda which is an Alternative Music Record Label
... some example albums are these collections of: a) Protest Music Songs, b) Australian Industrial Music and Australian Industrial Bands and of c) Canberra Electronic Music...
~ These associated Alternative Music Radio Programs and Alternative Music Radio Shows ...
~ Pieces of original dark electronic music ("aggrotech", "electro-industrial", "hellektro") released as Robot Citizen (on Youtube)
and on DailyMotion: Robot Citizen - "Flying Monkeys" ... Robot Citizen - "Another One of Those Days" ...
~ This website on the darker varieties of Australian Alternative Music with links to thousands of songs by hundreds of gothic-industrial-post-punk musicians; with this...
~ associated playlist on YouTube for Australian Gothic Music Scene Bands - hundreds of songs & clips
~ EYE Music Group and at EYE Music Band ...
~ E.L.F. Band Music and at ...
~ Dark Electronica Music and at AYA Music Band ...
~ Here are some examples (on youtube) of DJ Robot Citizen playlists for club VAMP...

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