Canberra Art Dance Music Enlighten Festival 2017

Friday 3rd March 2017

Canberra's Enlighten Festival 2017 presents

DJs: Robot Citizen + Black Temple + Dreddseppelin

Performances: Jazida's Fabulous Fan Veil Dancers + Obsidian Bellydance

Venue: Royal Australian Mint, Denison St, Deakin, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Tickets: $40 full / $30 conc

Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Visuals: Robot Citizen

Sound: Robot Citizen

Enlighten Festival 2017 Canberra Australia Industrial Illumination Dance Party Royal Australian Mint Deakin DJs Robot Citizen Black Temple Dreddseppelin electronic alternative retro dance music event Jazida Fabulous Fan Veil Dancers Obsidian Bellydance
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The Industrial Illumination dance features:

1/. 6 sets of dance performances featuring the award-winning Jazida and her Fabulous Fan Veil Dancers and Obsidian Bellydance; residents of Canberra Dance Theatre.

2/. DJ mixes from DJs Robot Citizen* & Black Temple (Reload) & Dreddseppelin (of Chrome) mixing styles like: 70s funk, disco, classic rock; 80s synth pop, new wave, glam rock; 90s techno pop; 00s electro cyber pop among electronica, electro industrial and dubstep dancefloor anthems and requests... * from the clubs VAMP [ Canberra Alternative Music Nights] and Canberra RETRO Music Nights (facebook links)

The venue: Royal Australian Mint Deakin, Canberra city, Australia.

Industrial Illumination Top Best Canberra Enlighten Festival 2017 Events Australian Cabaret Club Performance Nights Scene DJs Robot Citizen Dreddseppelin Black Temple Award Winning Dancers Performers Jazida Fabulous Fan Veil Dancers and Obsidian Bellydance
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