Funny Moon Festival

Wednesday 11th July 2018 - Sunday 15th July 2018

Psy and Arts gathering In central Europe, finally ending up in countryside of the beautiful Czech Republic. Funny Moon has served as a platform for upcoming DJs, live acts Light Engineers, and more ...

Artists: Anicca, BEAT D FENDER, Caban, Fipsinger and Parama,

Venue: TBC, VALEC, Czech Republic

Tickets: Early Bird (until 01.01.2018): EUR 70, Standard tickets: EUR 80

Time: 6pm - 12:30pm

Main Stage-Live Acts:

AIOASKA (Orange Spirit Studio) Austria
BOLON YOKTE aka IMIX JAGUAR (Popol Vu Records) Mexico
COSMIC SPIRAL (Voodoo Hoodoo Rec/Samsara Rec) Guatemala
CYPRIX (Mouju Records) Germany
DARQ (Ogu Project) Germany
ISOMETRIC (CATAR Records/GloOm Music) Spain
KABAYUN (Sangoma Records) USA
MALEX (Soundlab Pirates) Austria
MayaXperience (Soundlab Pirates Rec) Austria
MELT (Uroboros/Insonitus Rec) Australia
MIDNIGHT CLIMAX (Multifrequency Records) Guatemala
PSY VIKINGS (Cosmixed Society) Germany
REFLECTION (Reflection Music) Austraila

Main Stage-Dj's:

Aguilar (Kosmika Crew Sv/Popol Vuh Rec) El Salvador
Absolut (Psycrowdelica/Cosmixed Society) Sweden
Anqley (Independent) France
AIO (Lycantrop Records) Cannada
Bobby Om (Mouju Records) Germany
Caban (LebeLiebeLache) Austria
Dreamdoctor (Flow EV Records) Austria
Fidelis (Independent) Austria
Fishimself (Matsuri Digital/Zna Gathering) Greece
Goagnome (Lucid Dreams) France
Happines (Euphoria) Austria
Heehy (Synaptic Dreams/Fenix Festival) Czech Republic
Horizon (Popol Vu Records/Cosmixed Society) USA
Insano and Camsis (Bionic Ritual) Austria
Kimmei (Banyan Records) Germany
Lolla (Independent Theory) Czech Republic
Magnolia (Cosmixed Society) Austria
Nebokad (Mouju Records) Germany
Nikita (Independent) Russia
Ochen (Medulla Oblongata/LesnaSzajka) Poland
Ondraj Psyla (Mystical Waves Rec) Czech Republic
Origin (24/7 Rec/Interplay of Forces) Austria
Parama (Next Time Prod) Austria
Phil Good (Cosmixed Society) Austria
Sabsunshine (SoundLab Pirates) Austria
Sascha Suntrax (Mukkepack) Austria
Tarzan (Mouju Records) Germany
Tom O’rion (Hypnotica Rec) Germany
Uurohmbre (Shipibo Sounds) Turkey
Xerion (Banyan Records) Germany

Chill Out floor:

Anicca (Cosmixed Society) Austria
BEAT D FENDER (Yun Records) Portugal (Live)
Caban (LebeLiebeLache) Austria
Dalilama (Shanti Tribe) Serbia
Exidus (Cosmixed Society) Bulgaria
Fipsinger and Parama (Next Time Prod) Austria


Time: 6:00 pm to 12:55 pm

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