VAMP: Canberra Alternative Music Nightclub

Saturday 1st October 2016

A Club Night for Alternative music fans ie. Indie, Dance Punk, Goth, (Post) Punk, New Wave, Electro Industrial, Synth Pop ...

DJs: Robot Citizen, Mircalla, Altercate

Venue: Lobrow Bar, 181 City Walk, Canberra City, Civic, ACT, Australia

Tickets: $5 concession, $10 employed

Time: 7pm

Heading towards a 10th anniversary Canberra's VAMP Night Club returns from a Winter break on Saturday October 01 2016.

For the first time it's at the relatively new venue Lobrow - located at the site of the infamous club Manhattan which was the place for the capital's alternative subculture scenes of the 1980s ie. the historical stomping grounds of goths, punks, bohemians, electro-heads, rivet-heads, indie kids and of course the gay, lesbian, trans and drag scenes.

DJs Robot Citizen and special guests Mircalla and Altercate mix a variety of: (Post-)Punk, Industrial, New Wave, Alt Indie Pop/Rock, Goth, Electronica, Electro-Synth-Pop-Punk, Glam, Grunge, Dark EDM, New Romantic, EBM, Ska, Art Rock, NDH, Darkwave, No-Wave, Groove Metal, obligatory Bowie tunes & so on & on ... The DJs welcome song requests :)

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Here's a link for a potted history of DJ Robot's hundreds of DJ gigs & live band events at Alternative Music Clubs in Sydney (NSW), Perth (WA), Melbourne (VIC) and (mostly) Canberra (ACT).

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