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PostPosted: 16 May 2005 10:52    Post subject: Writtings Poems Expressions Reply with quote

I like to write wondering if others do, if so what do you write ?

Posted a poem to to Re Darkstar which seemed to be full of Mr fear trying to be amourus
through plagerisim ?? Hmm


Depth of felid intermittent
Makes position awkward to asses
Orientation elusive by design
Points of reference familiar not benign
Yet familiarity builds contempt
leads to contradiction, predicaments
Built with one layed to waste by the other
The irony of possession to hold not smother

Like to see what you think (sort of) and mose so see what others generate

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PostPosted: 16 May 2005 16:36    Post subject: Re: Writtings Poems Expressions Reply with quote

o.k thats bollocks
like i said on that post after learning it was someone elses shit i retracted what i said.
an that i was sorry for doing it. If i had known that that was out of some bands song i
would have never ever have posted it icon_evil.gif

To reply to your post i also write poems,song lyrics,and some mindless bullshit wich
no-one but me would find even slightly interesting
ive written over 800 songs an about 30 poems i find that writting is very relaxing an also
a great way of expression most of the spare time i have is spent writting and watchin
horror movies not that new horror/comedy shit i mean real on that note what eles
ya into

oh yeah....(almost forgot) the two poems ya posted they were great loved em keep up the
good work an thats all i got to say about that...

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PostPosted: 17 May 2005 08:09    Post subject: Re: Writtings Poems Expressions Reply with quote

How you doing Mr Fear !! cheers for the review, sorry if I was a little cynical bout
Darkstar and all, can hardly blame you though reading some of the posts,Dark beautiful
images are conjured for sure

So you like to pen things too.....very good to know one self,I generally only write when
manic so motivations are a little obvious but meh !

Other things I am into other than publishing, B&W photography (set up my own dark room),
hardly goth but I play Sax and Clarinette I wish to learn piano eventually.......... use
to be a chef so still right into my good food wine and coffee (not a latte sipping wanker
though by any standards) other topics of interest are String Theory, Bio Genisis,Fibonacci
Numbers...........but my true lifes work is raising my two daughters Ebony, and Clelia
even though estranged from their mother we are super close these guys truly are my dark

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PostPosted: 17 May 2005 14:54    Post subject: Re: Writtings Poems Expressions Reply with quote

WOW man icon_eek.gif ....i aint dumd by any means but an excuse the language what the fuck is
Fibonacci Numbers.. ive never heard of that before
on a other note i like B&W photography to (i like most forms of art)

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PostPosted: 18 May 2005 07:15    Post subject: Re: Writtings Poems Expressions Reply with quote

Hey Mr Fear,

Most probably should have said obscure interests, Fibonacci numbers is what Dan Brown has
bastardised Micahel More style for the Davinci code it has been known of for millenia, the
true term for it is Phi, it is a naturally ocurring symetry that is present in all living
things from the way a conifer grows (structually, based around environmental influences
such as sun aspect/duration, agregate wind speed and direction down to soil chemistry ect
ect can be rationalised agianst Phi like Pi is to circular maths to predict the most
likely growth paterns) to the simple ratios such as petals of a flower to the
circumferance of the flower the way "planks constant" relates to wave
length energetics, so C to C sharp can be mathematically represented by the wave length
"nm" of C, multiplied by "Planks constant" to eventually end up at the wave lenght "nm"
value of C sharp...............So this is my interests ostracising to say the least

How you really find out about a person is to ask their dislikes.........??

I hate demographics !! marketers talk of target markets firing commercial barages of
products which we do not even need to satisfy our blinkered primitave need for conquest
spurned by entropy

The demographer is industries weather man where climates are favourable fashion cultures
rise and fall, blindly we are lead through consumer mazes.....are where sutainability
exists we call it infrastructure and staples............fuckin really (back to the romans
and census thousands of years of data profiling the entire populace gauging its reactions
to certan cultural stimuli as if they do not have enough data to forecast demographics
rather than just monitoring eftpos these days has taken census to a new level everyday
thousands upon thousands of trabsactions, consumer data, who is buying what where do they
live what age bracket they fall into and so on)

We think we are clever because we are self aware and can manipulate thousands of aspects
of our environment to sustain our precarious existance, where I think dolphins are clever
self aware animals which require nil manipulation to suatain its existance we are so
preoccupied with this material veil we have created for our selves we have long lost our
primal instincts, the Limbic system lies dormant drowned by our frontal lobes, except for
a meger function of hormonal timing control............

So many people ask "where do i get the CD I like ?"

Hardly any ask "Why do I like that CD"

We have created artifical purpose for ourselfs work family possesions what other animal
has done this.......if our instinct for dominance (entropy) has been bent and is now
managed by distraction techniques through what we call commerce (religon preceeded this)
what was our initial intent ???

String Theroy

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PostPosted: 18 May 2005 08:27    Post subject: Re: Writtings Poems Expressions Reply with quote

I like the way you think

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PostPosted: 18 May 2005 10:20    Post subject: Re: Writtings Poems Expressions Reply with quote


So why do I have two me's ??

One for every day living where I pretend to give a shit about popular cultural topics,
almost pretend to give a shit, period !!

Then the other that no one gets and can only express my frustration through written word
or artistic pursuits, then people seem appreciate the things that I generate but still do
not understand exactly what it is they appreciating

the world needs to change its mind on what is important either that or completly conform
to the world incepted by Aldous Huxley and end our evolution here..........Telsa would
roll in his grave at this thought men like this can not just come and go through our
society with no credence given

To long adhering to safety of conformity, when it is the answers gleamed from the fringe
that shift paradigms

In saying this it will drive you crazy or at least get you labelled crazy trying to adhere
to your own values and philosiphy to our curent cultural environment so where to from

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PostPosted: 18 May 2005 10:26    Post subject: Re: Writtings Poems Expressions Reply with quote

Hey sine shut the fuck up stop ya winging no one else gives a shit............ha ha
seriously Mr Fear do not start to unravelle this yarn as it has no end and once started it
is more adictive than herion

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