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PostPosted: 20 Jan 2003 09:51    Post subject: Future of Vj'ing Reply with quote

I have been part of a new melbourne Vj team for roughly 1 year now. I have to say that i
am suprised by the quality and content of most Vj'ing.

100% of our graphics are pre-rendered in After Effects or made in 3Ds, so when we found
that most Vj's were running Winamp Visulisations or similar, we were shocked. Vj'ing has
been around for quite some time now, and it is still at the level it was 3 years ago.
Perhaps there isnt enough experimenting with visuals or just the costs involved...

If there is anyone using new techniques or methods out there (particularly melbourne
based) lets us know when your playing, id love to see something new!!

Thats my bitch over with....


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PostPosted: 17 Mar 2003 21:48    Post subject: Re: Future of Vj'ing Reply with quote

i know exactly what you mean. its hard and maybe we have to move along the lines of the
music producers, producing works which any old person can use.

but it is a lots of time and work... for what?

certainly no money, but rather as i learnt recently at the moon inspirations party in
portugal, four of us vj's playing together with each others creations. a beutiful creative

there was stuff i had done along time ago, i was bored with it... i saw another vj use it
in a totally differnt way.... inspiration

i am so crital of my own work... it was good to hear comment from fellow producers.....

working together, moving as one, sharing each others vision, realizing you are not
alone.... satisfaction and warmth.

love peas and purple goldfish

VJDJ - floroworld

*** follow the way of the lumens ***

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PostPosted: 03 May 2003 20:24    Post subject: Future of Vj'ing Reply with quote

I totally agree that a lot of the video projections around are 'borrowed' non-original
stuff like recycled manga cartoons and winamp visualisations.

I'm from a Sydney-based electronic act that uses video projections as part of our live
setup. Inspired by some Dutch VJs we worked with while on tour in Europe, we've been
collecting our own footage, manipulating it in Adobe Premiere. Ideally we would love to
try out VJamm, so we could have realtime effects processing.

One of the problems we have in experimenting and developing our methods is the lack of
local venues/parties equipped with projectors. In Europe, they are a standard in most
clubs - what's it like in Melbourne?

techno 4 luddites

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Jelte Hacquebord

PostPosted: 09 May 2003 20:19    Post subject: businessplan for a V J Agency Reply with quote

Dear Mr. Daniel,

I don't have any information for you concerning the issue you mangened in your e-mail. I
have a requist about the vj ing I would like to have some information about the costs you
make as an VJ-er and how many parties you have or other events on avarage in one month. I
need to know this information because I am making a businessplan for my graduation on the
International Business School in Holland. My plan is to make a businessplan for a VJ
Agency in order to do this I need a lot more International information because I have
allready national information. I really hope you can help me with this or to bring me in
contact with other international VJ-ers.

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,

Jelte Hacquebord

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PostPosted: 27 Jun 2003 23:01    Post subject: Future of Vj'ing Reply with quote

Hey Check This Guys out !!!


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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 05:57    Post subject: Re: Future of Vj'ing Reply with quote

being a vj im sure you understand the time it can take to render stuff, 2d is fast to
render wich could explain why things are developing slow, i make 3d animations and fully
realise that say a 7 or 8 minute 3d music animation can take some serious time and work,
i now only some times use 2d visuals for some back rounds, take a look at this, its my
egek show real made with maya and 3ds max, and a few other things too,
but its fully 3d


i hope that the future of vjs uses far more 3d stuff,

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PostPosted: 16 Mar 2007 19:13    Post subject: Re: Future of Vj'ing Reply with quote

hi vj`s want some new material ???, 3d animations made for vj`s useing 3ds max & maya, &
with 88 animations just released on line right now have a look & expand your animation
library, go to
let me know what you think ???, this aint after effects this is ?.
b.u. gaz.

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