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PostPosted: 21 Feb 2008 16:04    Post subject: LOST china-dvd-cd? Reply with quote

I loved season 1, but halfway through season 2 I realised they didnt have answers for half
the stuff they had written. Then it was scheduled to be cancelled, so the start of the 3rd
season looks to resolve some of the questions, but then ratings went up and it got an
extension, at which point they rewrote stuff and the 3rd season ended with what is in
theory, a total conclusion, but provides absolutely no answers to things that have been
constant through the season.

As has been pointed out, the flashbacks were a bit much by season 3. It was like "right! I
get it, he is a conman with a heart etc,etc."

What I found annoying was the obvious fan influence. Questions would be brought up on
message boards and then implemented within the series, eg Hurley not losing weight. Also,
I got annoyed with big events happening, and then not being mentioned for 2 episodes. The
pregnant girl was kidnapped, hardly mentioned for an episode or 2, returned, and it was
hardly mentioned again for ages.

A good/great show. But they need to have a clear direction on where they are going. In the
first season, the others were presented as this mysterious almost supernatural tribe, that
were to be feared. And it worked great. By the third season they were just a bunch of
scientists working on an island trying to work out why women keep losing their babies
there. Of course that was inbetween the fact it was hinted they had all died in the plane
crash, which was lent further weight by Locks Dad turning up. Lets not forget Jacobs voice
in the cabin which seemed to imply a biblical element. So unless the ending with Jack and
Kate was all a red herring, or just a future flashback of what will eventually happen.
They better have some great writers to provide the answers.

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