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PostPosted: 16 Jan 2008 07:56    Post subject: Merlyn Martin San Diego Sessions Vol. 1- Blue (side a) Reply with quote

Hello all Merlyn Martin here from Hazardous Radio/Biohazard Productions in Los Angeles. I
am proud to present to you The San Diego Sessions Vol. 1 - Blue 1995-1996. This Volume is
a digital conversion of my mix tape from 1995-1996 called Merlyn "Blue". The enclosed
recording is side A of the first promotional tape from a 3 part series of Progressive
House/Acid Trance tapes called Blue, Red, and White.

Please read back story:

The time era was the early to mid 1990's. The club and rave scene in Europe was an
inspiration for the fledgeling American Rave and After-hour scene. It was the end of the
illegal but very fun warehouse rave party scene. The promoters and DJ's were forced into
club venues making the West Coast scene in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Frandisco come
alive with After-Hour clubs and Events.

Los Angeles started off with events such as the legendary Flammable Liquid, Earth to Sea,
Family Groove, King, Sketch Pad, Aqua, Parliament, and Dream which featured such DJ's as
Doc Martin, David Alvarado, Marquess Wyatt, Mark Lewis, Taylor, Paolo, Sandra Collins and
many many more. San Francisco events included Soul Kitchen, Boogie Buffet, Wicked, Sound
Factory, The End Up, Spundae, The Gathering which featured such DJ's as Jeno, Garth,
Thomas, Marke, Carlos and many more. San Diego events included Romperoom, 555 club,
Playskool, The Narnia Events, Ole Madrid, Hedonism which featured such DJ'S as Daemon,
Mark E Quark, Jon Bishop, Myxzlplix, Sotero, Phil A, Steve Pagen, Jeff Scott, Alien Tom,
Joey Jiminez, Jon E Thin any many many more.

In 1993-94 a shift of sorts started to happen in the Los Angeles scene. Music was
progressing away from the Rave Anthems of the warehouse days. One scene was moving heavily
toward deeper sounding House music, another scene was emerging with a bit of a more
progressive house sound that was a little faster, more melodic. This new progressive sound
was a culmination of the melodic Techno sounds coming out of Detroit, and the Progressive
House sound coming out of the U.K. becoming popular at such events such as King, Family
Groove, Sketch Pad, Mothership, and Aqua.

I was lucky enough to participate, I feel that I helped break this new underground sound
which was progressive, a mixture of Club Music, House, Acid, Techno. That sound eventually
became what today is known as Trance, at the time it was an underground sound that was
different, uplifting, and could be hard and aggressive at the same time.

In 1995 I went to an event in San Diego with some friends called Romperoom. Although I had
been DJ'ing around LA in many carnations of the music scene from New Wave, Latin Club,
Funk, Early Hip Hop, and Techno for about 10 years I had even played records at some of
the above mentioned clubs and events. But I had never seen anything like it before and to
this day in a club type setting. I liked my adventure in San Diego so much I stayed for 5
years. I became a resident DJ at that Romperoom Club, I played at that Playskool event, I
toured the states a bit playing this new sound trying to get as many people to listen to
the music!

- In short this first volume called "Blue" is a demo cassette tape that I produced at the
end of 1995. It was a two sided cassette I believe both sides represents and tells a
different story in it's own way as a good mixed tape is suppose to do. It has been called
art by some, crap by others. It is open to individuel interpretation as all music should
be, it means something different to every person who hears it.

There was less than 500 copies of the Merlyn "Blue" cassette, it was circulated locally in
the San Diego and Los Angeles area. All I ask is if you don't like what you hear, than
please give it to someone who might!

Merlyn Martin


Check out - for other DJ mixes from Merlyn
Martin/djmerlyn. Keep checking back for Merlyn Martin San Diego Sessions containing old
djmerlyn techno/trance mixes from the 90's Afterhours/Raves, San Diego Romperoom, and Los
Angeles Insomnia days.
* To join the direct email list email

This mix is will be available as a podcast through the itunes music store the week of May
25th 2007, please feel free to check it out, as well as the Merlyn Martin "Subdivisions"
podcast series featuring the ever changing progressive sounds of Techno.

* Please right click link to download to your browser
(Short Vocal Intro) -
DJ Mix (no talking)

Track Listing: Side A

Artist, Track, Label

Faithless - "Salva Mea" - Cheeky Rec
Quivver - "Believe In Me" - Perfecto Rec
Sunscreem- "Exodus" - Sony Rec
Quivver- "Twist N' Shout" - A & M Rec
Moby - "In To The Blue" -Electra Rec
Evolution - "Look Up To The Light" - Deconstruction Rec
Yum Yum - "Hyper Mania" -Sperm Rec
Mighty Ming - "The Mighty Ming" - Stress Rec

Richard "merlyn" Martin
DJ/Producer The Subdivisions/Hazardous Radio

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