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Summer Butoh Camp In Himalaya

Posted by rhizomelee on Thursday, 17th May 2007 8:19 PM

Subbody Summer Camp Himalaya

International Subbody Butoh School

Become originator of your own butoh dance which connects to the depth of yourself. By learning subbody butoh method, which is the deepest method in the world . You can learn not only pysical contact, but also life resonance between life and life. You can sink into the darkness of the subconscious realm of body to find your own deepest butoh dance which is resonating with the world, and come back safely with cotroling yourself. You can meet your whole self. You can open full originality, full creativity, and rezonance ability.

●Three months course
Summer term: June 11- September 7
Autum term: September 17- Decmber 7

●One month couse
June course: June11-July6
July course: July16-August10
August course: August13-September7

September course: September17-October12
October course: October15-November9
November course: -~December7

Anybody who wants to be a unique dancer who create your own deep dance.
Any age, any sex, any handicaped people; OK!

Three years : 3500US$
One year(Three terms): 1300 US$
One term(Three months): 570 US$
One month : 210 US$


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