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PostPosted: 28 Oct 2006 07:51    Post subject: HELP! I'M NEW AND I NEED ADVICE REALLY BADLY... Reply with quote

Hi, I'm new. (Obviously) and I need a goths advise.

Well, I realized that my true style was gothic since I was 12, but the problem all starts
out with my two "best friends": we've been friends for a few years and I still don't know
why and how. Here's something that's like a summerize of the situation:

1 - To start off...
I am a goth girl, I don't like fashion and I see no reason why I should worry wasting my
time trying to be the same as others (Which is pathetic.)
My "friends" are prep but they were my friends even before that and we keep each others
company (doesn't affect their reputation), fashion is a -nasty- must and argues constantly
with me. (And we're still friends!)

2 -
I love dark.
They love light.

3 -
I love night.
They love day.

4 -
I love the full moon, rain/wind/storm.
They wish exactly the sun and heat. (this is hell)

5 -
I love black, red, black, purple, black, grey and black is one of my favorite colors.
They love light colors and -pukes- pink.-pukes-

6 -
I listen to hardcore rock like Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Sisters of Mercy, System of a
Down, Evanescense, Slipknot, etc.
They listen to -puke- Bitchtney Spears, Hilary Duff, you know, prep stuff.

7 - Art of works competition...
I do poetry, art of bloody death angels, terror stories, you name it.
They are -wtf- ... cheerleaders. (They're still my friends!!!)

8 - Dreams of the divided sides...
I'd wish they'd quit being prep. But I respect them for who they are anyways.
They'd wish I'd quit being goth. They do everything in their power to ambush the tainted
soul that is me. Foolish mortals...

9 -
I am practically worshipping death, darkness, danger and despair
My friends worship life, love, luxury, and light.

I'm as pale as the moon with waist-long black straight hair, I feel comfortable and
beautiful as a goth and I'm dying to know what they have against a girl that could be
Dracula's favorite bride. What does it matter if I look like (singer of Evanescense) Amy
Lee's twin sister? If they think I look like a corpse thats their problem, who they think
they are to tell me to get a tan? They can freeze in heaven for all I care. (Therefore I'm
slightly flatter by the corpse comment :blush&giggles:)

We are very different, do I need to say more? Ok, I'll name friend #1 and #2. Then you
have is very little group of outcasts (goths) which are all guys and I really don't mind
at all, and those poor devils'ld mention of the lack of goth girls in the city (I'm one of
the only real goth girls in the school) and I'm helping them with their homework, hanging
out and sharing about the lastest news of movies, videogames, bands, etc. which makes
friend 1# jealous with my popularity with guys. #1 is a type of leader, I'm never afraid
of her, I know secrets about her, she just gets stressful with anything and complaining
about everything, I hate the way she yells and treats people and I still wonder why she's
still got a lot of people talking to her (must be the fact that she does schoolwork as
favors for the powerful ones, like kissing the asses of them just to be kissed back, the
filthy lad). Actually, friend #2 is an evangelic jesus-freak who does nothing but cross
her arms, helps 1# beat hell out of me at an insult duel and follows 1# everywhere like a
poodle. Unlike #1, in the past she didn't leave the differences behind for a bit. She
can't stop ranting about how I look like a naughty satanic crime gal and I just say "fuck
you and your Hello Kitty butt-face ego no one asked your opinion." Now in early times with
1# was different: she wasn't as a moron as 2#, we used to hang out at the graveyard
laughing our brains out about the math teacher, dreaming about how suicide is like,
enjoying the masterpiece of Nirvana, practicing the use of rituals and Ouija boards... oh
the good times... But now I just don't know.

Imagine, if it were you, you would dump your now-prep pretty-in-pink fashion childhood
friends for those cute, cunning, dark souls of the underworld which is the goth boys how
really cares about your feelings?
With the guys I feel happy (dude, that's rare) but I don't want to hurt the girls the way
they hurt me, they can be cruel but they helped me in times no one else would. Anyways 1#
might do a WWIII or a catastrophe by making my life a living hell (more than it is) just
for me to regret and I'm sure the goths of my class are not that courageous to defend a
case that is not theirs.
Bloody hell, what made me end up in this situation in the first place? May the Grim Reaper
forgive me for being a sensitive wart, if I punished those bitches until they beg for
mercy will I still be goth (?) or possessing the incompacity to harm a breathing soul
makes me goth? What do you guys think? Revengence or forgiveness? Both? I just need to
abandon them for my own good, I'm allegric to Drama Queen preps and we'll never learn to
get along ever again.

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PostPosted: 28 Nov 2006 06:45    Post subject: Re: HELP! I'M NEW AND I NEED ADVICE REALLY BADLY... Reply with quote

i think your an effin idiot...

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PostPosted: 14 Mar 2007 07:54    Post subject: Re: HELP! I'M NEW AND I NEED ADVICE REALLY BADLY... Reply with quote


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PostPosted: 04 Apr 2007 10:21    Post subject: Re: HELP! I'M NEW AND I NEED ADVICE REALLY BADLY... Reply with quote

sounds like a predicament. maybe you should just slit your wrists now.

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PostPosted: 13 Apr 2007 14:14    Post subject: Re: HELP! I'M NEW AND I NEED ADVICE REALLY BADLY... Reply with quote


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PostPosted: 15 Apr 2007 18:52    Post subject: Re: HELP! I'M NEW AND I NEED ADVICE REALLY BADLY... Reply with quote


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PostPosted: 26 Aug 2007 07:52    Post subject: Re: HELP! I'M NEW AND I NEED ADVICE REALLY BADLY... Reply with quote

your a real goth girl.... sarcasm
i think the word that describs u has a wanna be or something like that
and your taste of music sucks
marilyn manson, shitknot....

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PostPosted: 27 Aug 2007 04:23    Post subject: Re: HELP! I'M NEW AND I NEED ADVICE REALLY BADLY... Reply with quote

im not trying to be meen to u but u sound realy up ur self u dont sound gothic at all i
kno ur friend might want to change u but u have a choice not to listen iv been into dark
things and dress in dark clothing and love to play with blood and all the stuff people
think are weird but i dont call myself a goth ur friend are ur friends even if they arnt
like u i have meny friend that think what i do is strange and weird but i do what i want
to do to and i have alott of dark minded friends like me goth is only a label and not many
people go around calling them selfs that im 23 and iv been like i have since i could dress
myself but one thing dark minded people dont do is put narsty shit up like u have about
friends im sorry but u need to read what u said because it sound like you are the prepy
girl just be happy u have friend sweety

evil needs candy too
good luck icon_wink.gif

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PostPosted: 14 Sep 2007 04:19    Post subject: Re: HELP! I'M NEW AND I NEED ADVICE REALLY BADLY... Reply with quote

Omg...right...I remember that we're raising a new generation of incredibly self-centered
attention whores.

Unfortunately, I was like this once, about three years ago, so I understand what it's like
to be mentally limited.

So let me say this: What's wrong with pink or people who like soft rock?
Really, everything is relevant, so don't walk around thinking your so-called "gothic"
point of view is lord-high to someone else's point of long as your friends
aren't judging you, you shouldn't judge them. Simple. I know lots of mainstream people who
are actually quite nice and with whom I get along with.

Also, I dislike it when people listen to musically inadequate bands and call it "gothic".
That's a bit of an insult to the goth genre of music.

Lotsa love and corrections, Sophia

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