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PostPosted: 31 Aug 2005 12:27    Post subject: Goths in General Reply with quote

Ok this is a genuine appeal to understand your mob. From my experience, it's kids wearing
black and 'acting differently' and not conforming, when evidently they are.

I'm not gonna take the piss on here and verbally abuse you and make myself an enemy from
day one, just trying to get your perspective on things. I'm probably seen in your eyes as
an enemy by default anyway, as I'm different in my own way. I'm what society would deem as

As I said, I'm not gonna go on a tangent of ripping you all apart verbally, unless given
cause to. I'm asking a question and I expect and adult answer in return.

Any admin, if you ban me, you're cunts. Yes I've come straight out on the attack on that
one fella/bird, as I've got a feeling you won't take kindly to my comments, not that I
could give a toss personally.

PS; What with the lingo eh? Fucktard, fag-dweed etc! School kid stuff fellas.

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PostPosted: 31 Aug 2005 19:45    Post subject: Re: Goths in General Reply with quote

Morrisey!!!! I know all the bands that you've listend, but he's head and shoulders above
the rest. West Ham boy and a popular figure and some class fucking songs.

You're bit about yourself made me laugh a bit and that's a good thing. You've admitted how
you are, but whether you meant it or not, the humor made you look good, not bad.

Cheers fella.

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PostPosted: 05 Sep 2005 14:58    Post subject: Goths in General Reply with quote

the insult slang i use is mainly the way it is because i spent a fair amount of time
playing online games based on PK rules... so i sort of have a reason in that factor for my
actions (not that i need to have a reason or should really ahve to explain this.)

the thing about "goths" wearing black is abit of a dodge point seeing as i get called
"goth" even though most of the time i do actuly wear colour as well as black... although i
wouldnt exactly class myself as "goth" mainly because things like that should only be
listed as a index towards certain things.

as for the comment about you thinking we might regaurd you as a "enemy" because your
"normal" is kind of stupid... do you regaurd the guy at the c.d. store as the "enemy"
because he is on a differant side of the counter as you. I have many freinds who are
"normal" it doesnt change the fact i think their top people who are fun to talk to and
hang around with. i also have other friends who drift abit from the "normal" catagory.
pretty much what im saying is if you take and x-ray of yourself and put it next to
someone's who doesnt see the world as you do. The x-rays goign to show you pretty much the
same basic outline of a human.

the only thing that seperates one human from another human is they're own veiws and
personal taste's.

for instance the bands i lsiten to and teh styles of music i like i can pretty much take a
safe bet 80% of it no one on this forum would have heard of or like.

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PostPosted: 06 Sep 2005 10:53    Post subject: Re: Goths in General Reply with quote

your correct about people always being put into lile groups by eitehr themselfs or by

stone age = tribe vs tribe
dark ages = kingdom vs kingdom (or even in some cases family name vs family name)
it goes back many many many years

i can rember back to when i was in high school people were even in lil groups

like the "fire exit people" and the "music guys" and even "those wankers who do stupid

yup many many years of people being odd *nods*

now im goign to go back to working...

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